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Soon-to-be-West Texan

Though this place seems a little bit dead, I thought I'd go ahead and say my hellos. :)

I'm MaryAshley, a resident from in and around San Antonio, Texas, and I'll be a freshman at Sul Ross next fall. I've worked with the state park system and I'm a big outdoors person, so SRSU seemed like the best in-state small school choice for me. I hear that partying tends to be the hobby of choice out there, but hopefully I can keep myself at least partially entertained with hiking and horseback riding. (Plan on taking my horse out to school with me.)

I'm hoping there's some decent diversity at Sul Ross. I've paid my dues with the redneck rodeo, FFA, and 4H people around town here, but I tend to enjoy spending time with my neo-hippie/nerd crowd now more than anything. You West Texas kids aren't ALL hicks, are you? ;) --- I'm sure that's a drastically annoying stereotype.

It'd be great to hear from anyone in the area.
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